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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!


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They do things well on the Harringay Levels!


I hear from elsewhere that this post might relate to some seasonal lighting that you guys have added to your road. Is there a photo to go with this laconic post?

I took some shots and video but the street lights show up too much on my mobile, just wouldn't've done it justice. 

Walking past the end of the road last night made me change my route home. 

I toyed with 'The Glenwood Lumiere' as a title but thought that might be over egging it. 

Simply Wonderful!!!

Go have a look..... after dark obviously.

Just makes you smile.

Thanks, Andy.

No problem 

And well done Glenwood Road!! 

from one of our resident photographers

Looks really lovely. I walk along there in the morning so haven't noticed them, but I'll try to remember to walk past on my way home.

Because traffic on Green Lanes has become even worse in the last month or so, I'm getting off my north bound bus early at Harringay GL station and walking through the gardens.

I live on Avondale Road next door and I have the pleasure of seeing the Glenwood lights every evening on my way home. Great job, alway ‘lights up’ my day! 

That part of Harringay is so quiet and clean.

Lovely. Merry Christmas to everyone on HOL.



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