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Our house came with wooden hand/stair rails which we do not need. They are in excellent condition, we've kept all the wall fixings. They measure 162cm, 179cm and 227cm in length. 

 According to gumtree the going rate is about £40 for this sort of thing so open to offers in that region. 

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Hello Deborah 

Is it possible to send me a photograph please. 

Many thanks. 





Hi Deborah,

See images above! There's also the screws and fixings we've kept, and there's a wooden board which attached one of them to the wall which we haven't taken off yet but you're welcome to it if you want.



Argh, I've just installed extras in mine, at great expense, but I might need more. A picture would be helpful, please.

You say you don't need them; well I suppose that'll really depend on how long you stay in your house ;). The longer one could be tricky for someone to take away. An according to Gumtree assessment is probably more about what some people hope to get, rather than what people would be willing to pay, & there's a lot of bargaining that goes on.




Hi Rosamund, 

See the pictures attached above. Hopefully we won't need them back anytime soon! Let me know if you have any other questions.



I have just asked my husband to measure our stairs. As I am not at home. 

My Mum who is 92 comes to visit but its more and more difficult for her to get up our stairs. She has a stairlift at home, this may help her. Does the board you have go with the longest one. 

Many thanks 


the plank is 238cm, so just longer than the longest hand rail

Hello! I sent a connection request last night. I’d be happy to take these at £40 if still available, can collect later today or tomorrow morning / evening



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