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Three large pond goldfish are looking for a new home, from our elderly neighbour's garden. Any takers? NB Not suitable for indoor tank. Please bring a net to catch them with.

Belsize Avenue, N13.


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Any takers yet Kari? If not what size are they? I have a small pond and may be able to re home them.

Not yet taken, Tosh. They are about 8 ins/20 cm long I think. Currently in a 2m x 2m pond so they wouldn't be suitable for a very small pond. Let me know, thanks!

Is that the size of their body or body plus tail? If it's just the body, then they probably would be too big. My pond is 1.6 x 1.4 m with waterfall and pump. The goldfish I have (just 9) are approx. 4 ins. in body length.

I think they would most likely be too big to go in a pond that size with that many other fish. Thanks for offering anyway!



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