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Hi all,

I have trawled through the old forum posts for cleaner recommendations and I cannot see much from recent history so I am starting a fresh discussion!

I am looking for a cleaner, but one who is particularly thorough.  I am not too concerned with 'efficient' or 'trustworthy' because I prefer them to take time and clean properly, and I work from home so there is less opportunity for any distrust.  In my experience all my cleaners have been trustworthy, but recently I am finding that they are too 'efficient', and they do not clean for the full time slot.  I find dust still on the radiators, cobwebs still on the ceiling, stains still on the walls, high use areas in the kitchen are not clean, etc.  I can't figure out why there is a rush when payment is by the hour.

So if anyone has a recommendation for very thorough, detailed cleaners, please do advise.

As this discussion comes up a lot, I wonder if it would be good to keep a list that we could all refer to when cleaners come and go?  Would certainly be better than trawling the forums (which I seem not to be able to order by date).


Swapna (Frobisher Rd)

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Hi there. Has anyone got a great cleaner I can use weekly? Thx

Hi Rebekah

If you find one let me  know.  Good luck!

I'm in need of a thorough cleaner! If your cleaner has be availability or even knows someone who is also thorough and can recommend. Please could you share details? I've sent the a connection request. 



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