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Hi all,

I have trawled through the old forum posts for cleaner recommendations and I cannot see much from recent history so I am starting a fresh discussion!

I am looking for a cleaner, but one who is particularly thorough.  I am not too concerned with 'efficient' or 'trustworthy' because I prefer them to take time and clean properly, and I work from home so there is less opportunity for any distrust.  In my experience all my cleaners have been trustworthy, but recently I am finding that they are too 'efficient', and they do not clean for the full time slot.  I find dust still on the radiators, cobwebs still on the ceiling, stains still on the walls, high use areas in the kitchen are not clean, etc.  I can't figure out why there is a rush when payment is by the hour.

So if anyone has a recommendation for very thorough, detailed cleaners, please do advise.

As this discussion comes up a lot, I wonder if it would be good to keep a list that we could all refer to when cleaners come and go?  Would certainly be better than trawling the forums (which I seem not to be able to order by date).


Swapna (Frobisher Rd)

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Hello Swapna

There are parts of your post that I agree with. I am also looking for a cleaner who doesn't race through the job thinking if they finish early they are finished. I am paying for their time and like you would prefer someone who does the job slower and more thoroughly.

The part of your post that makes me feel uncomfortable is your naming people. Of course it is your own opinion and experience, but it feels uncomfortable for me.

I support an ongoing list for cleaners. Like you, when I was looking, I too searched through old posts trying to find someone who was available.

Hi Rebecca,

Yes I see your point and I've removed that section.  I didn't intend to 'name and shame'.. these are just my reviews with a particular focus on thoroughness, otherwise the cleaners have been lovely.  

Good to hear your thoughts on a compiled list - perhaps we can start a forum tagged "Cleaners in Harringay" and we can all add names/numbers (if permitted) to that?  I'm not sure on the best way tbh.

On another note, I have been lucky enough to find a very thorough cleaner from one of the ladies who came back to me.  She is also looking for new clients so if you are interested I can pass on her details.

Hi Swapna,

I'd be most grateful if you would pass on the details for the thorough cleaner you have found - I very much agree with your initial post! I have had several cleaners in the past who, while trustworthy and lovely to deal with, have not been as thorough as I would have liked. I live in between Wood Green and Bowes Park. Thank you!

Hi Maria, thanks! I've sent a friend request and will pass on her details! 

Ps im going to check with my cleaners to request their permission to post their details on the forum before doing so, and will look into compiling that list. 

Hello Sarangdhar, I fully support you in this. "Cleaners in Harringey" sounds great. How do we set that up with this sites moderators?

I would also like the details of your cleaner. I understand she may not have the time etc, but it's worth getting her details to get on 'her' waiting list.

Any other cleaners out there who want to PM me, that would be great.

Thanks Rebecca! I've sent a connection request so I can pass on.. I'll see if I can find out the best way to set up the list in the meantime.  

Hello. I am having the same problem as you had previously. I sent a connection request but would love to message about anyone good. I've tried a few lately and I end up cleaning after they have gone so it's not working for me. Thanks so much 

Hi Swapna,

I'm also looking for a thorough cleaner. Would it be okay to pass on the details of the one you mention above?

I'll send you a message directly

Many thanks

Hi, someone DMd me on the back of this post but I can't find it in the usual place so please do resend if you can so I can message back.. thanks!

Hello there, Sarangdhar, I direct messages you but didn't get a reply.

If anyone has any reccomendations please put them here. Thanks Becca

Hi Becky I have no recommendations as I'm still trying to find someone myself. Sorry x



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