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Hi all,

I am thinking of moving to the Pelham Road area of Wood Green and was wondering if it is a nice safe area to choose. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Sandlings estate had a bit of a reputation years ago, but with so many demographic changes and modern security measures since I would imagine it is much the same as the rest of Wood Green. It is possible that Crossrail 2 will be tunnelled underneath it.

Join us. We're lovely round there!

Pelham Road? The bit joining Portland Road to the High Road?

I walk through it often as a cut through to avoid the crowds on West Green Road on the way to Tesco. Absolutely fine, even at night. Usually a couple of guys drinking social beers there, but have never ever seen any issues/got any hassle.

The whole area round the east end of West Green Road (Pelham, Portland, Beaconsfield, Westerfield, Lawrence) is changing. I'd highly recommend moving there. Plus it's very close to the tube. 

Edit: just seen you said Pelham Road, Wood Green. I was replying about Pelham Road on the Seven Sisters end of West Green Road...



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