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The Daily Telegraph posted a collection of photos asking: Are these the ugliest buildings in the world?  From the twenty-one so far, the buildings seem to be love-em-or-hate-em examples. Including of course, the ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture and observation tower at the London 2012 Olympic Park.

Anyone like to suggest local examples of detestable or I've-learned-to-love-it buildings with in-our-faces photographic evidence?

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NOT all 1960s architecture was attractive. I nominate:

Civic Centre It might be suitable for a Regional Casino, but when finances permit, demolition would be preferable (compare with the art deco, Grade II STAR-listed, Hornsey Town Hall)

Hornsey Library (compare style with the much smaller, but more elegant Stroud Green & Harringay Library)

I got married at the Civic Centre in April 2003 and my friend who was taking the photographs did a lovely job - she took them in the garden with a backdrop of quince and magnolia, and it looked like we were at a much swisher venue.

James, by "local" I think Alan means this Borough and the title also says Haringey.

I'm not a fan of the brutalist style as evidenced by my two nominations. I think Wood Green "Shopping City" is also part brutalist. I bet there are other brutalist buildings in the Borough I haven't thought of.

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Moderator - please look into this and take action accordingly.

Thanks - deleted. 

Every one of the half dozen (+) bookies on Green Lanes.... Though these do have the ability to change their spots!

It *has* to be the BT building on the corner of Green Lanes and Bounds Green Road, just north of Wood Green tube.  I might take a photo tomorrow and post (with a health warning)

I suppose 'ugly' isn't a synonym for 'incongruous', but I was tempted to say Alexandra Palace.

OAE in my opinion, AP was never an especially attractive building and became less so with the council re-build following the 1980 fire. Huge sums were wasted; the Palm Court (with palms imported from Alexandra at great cost) is a pastiche and then the council ran out of money.

The whole building is listed as Grade II. What's significant about the building IMO is not its architecture but its history, especially during World War 1 and of course, BBC TV Studio A and B in the south east wing.

Leave the Civic Centre alone .. it will be considered a gem in a few years time and I actually think would be a big mistake to demolish it.  Hornsey Town Hall is a fine building too.. But doesn't radiate the confidence of Britain's architects like the Civic Centre does as it is just a copy of the Dutch and German architecture of the 1920s.

Too much more modern architecture is rubbished in the desire of a nostalgic return to the 'safe' years - which actually weren't safe or particularly affluent either.

I really dislike this current British desire for fake Victorian style lamp posts, buildings etc. and everything else that looks old fashioned.. including all those fake looking pubs.. with fake beer..   Where's the 'vision' in all of that?

1960s Vision is exactly what the Civic centre radiates .. Well done Wood Green Borough Council for building it !

Yes I must say I quite like the Civic Centre with its double height entrance hall and floor to ceiling windows etc. It's light and warm feeling (although maybe I am biased as I got married there :) )

I'll join the Civic Centre Supporters Club. It's an undervalued building. The Council tried to ditch it recently. If they'd spend the money on maintaining it and updating it to serve modern needs, it could be a real gem.



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