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The Salisbury Makes it into CAMRA's "Britain’s Best Real Heritage Pubs"

Plenty of fantastic architectural detailing survives in The Salisbury.                                                                                      Photo: Hugh


It'll be of little surprise to we locals that The Salisbury is one of three Haringey pubs to be included in CAMRA's new book Britain’s Best Real Heritage Pubs

Other Haringey pubs that made the grade are The Queens in Crouch End and The Winchester in Archway Road, Highgate.

The Salisbury's Landlord Dave Lewis told Harringay Online. "This is great news! We're very proud of our pub and we hope the people of Harringay are to. You can let us know just how proud you are by keeping on drinking!"

Congrats to Dave, Nick, Sam and the team.

The book is available to buy from May 6th.


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Hooray! They deserve it, a gem of a local pub!

Speaking of the Salisbury, a couple of my friends (Harringay locals) are organising an amazing charity event there, with music and all sorts of fun, in the afternoon and evening. Please check out http://thelonggoodsaturday.wordpress.com/ Sorry for the plug but I do feel its having a venue for events like this that makes the Salisbury a great community hub, as well as being elegant and selling nice beer.

Does anyone know what the small channel running around the base of the bar is/was for?

I have always wondered.

Dave told me it was a form of spitoon - "loverley" from back in the days of chewing tabacco. I did, for the briefest moment, think it might have been a urinal.

I've always assumed it was for brollies.

Hmmm, both good ideas.  I hadn't thought of the brolly option.  My Father-in-law suggested it was for dogs to drink out of!! I think he was joking..




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