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Today I stumbled across this guy Ted Dewan and his roadwitch trial - unbelievably inspiring stuff.
well worth checking this video of him talking through his work, blogged about it here

should we consider a trial....

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Yes, the first photo shows basically what we need and yes, raised areas at each end. On Falkland Rd we do have a platform or raised crossing point at the passage. This was installed a few years ago. People still speed over it but children see it as their pedestrian space so, an accident waiting to happen.
People do this sort of street art all the time around here. Liz is frequently posting photos of sofas and tables on the pavement!

On a serious note, I walked through the Gardens for the first time in a long time and was struck by how peaceful it was. I vote for those poppy-up barrier thingamies to stop people using the roads as rat runs. And, we're still getting loads of overweight vehicles using them.

There is another example closer to hand: I go to Crouch End library once a week and usually walk back via Harringay station. Over the last year or so the council have been busy putting raised platforms across many of the intersections along Ridge Road and Mountview Road and I think that it does bring a very different feel to the area.

I would like to see raised platforms across the entrances to the ladder roads and at the intersections with the passage. And fewer speed humps. I also think that there should be planters at all of the passage intersections- maybe with lower walls than the existing so that there is less likelihood that they will used as sitting places. We just need to bring a bit more of a human scale to the roads.

I've also been musing about the traffic on Hewit and the nightmarish Warham. Would reversing the traffic flow on those roads help? Making Warham a 'down' road and Hewit an 'up' road?

I'd still like to make the sock bunting ....

Why are the council doing it for the other side of the tracks and not for us? I used to live there and traffic was not really a problem at all.

Even if they're going to do it for us later, why do those people get it first. Are we doing something wrong? Are we speaking to the wrong people? Do we have the wrong political party representing our ward? Are we just ugly marxists who deserve no better?

I'm with john, why? Why do roads with clearly not a patch on the volumes of traffic we have to deal with get sorted? How can we find out?



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