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Today I stumbled across this guy Ted Dewan and his roadwitch trial - unbelievably inspiring stuff.
well worth checking this video of him talking through his work, blogged about it here

should we consider a trial....

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This is fantastic Dan. You have my support. Great stuff!
Have they considered the real-life effect of the visual overload ?

I notice that the residents weren't unanimously in favour of the garish road-painting schemes - I certainly wouldn't be.
i guess its all about a compromise. me I'd prefer to see the people who live on a road out on the road, kids playing, people talking to each other and cars driving slowly, with awareness that roads are shared spaces.

In terms of 'visual overload'? I can only speak for Hewitt road, currently there's barely a tree in sight, the pavement is a patched up uneven oddity with a frequent smattering of dog mess, fast food wrapping and plastic bags. For me a positive, interesting visual stimulation would be heavenly.
Even in the 50s, when there was hardly any traffic, we knew enough not to play on the road.

Sorry, but the roadway carries traffic and it's unrealistic to expect to "share " it. You wouldn't expect to have cars sharing the pavement with you ?

You live in a city, we all have to make compromises.

Visual overload ? I'm not talking about Hewitt as it is now, but as it would be after introducing these measures. If you want to experience visual overload, take a walk along Green Lanes. Much has been said on here already about the unaesthetic proliferation of signage, banners etc.

John sometimes I think you get a hard time from the cycling fraternity, but this time I think you're in danger of sounding like an unreformed apologist for motorists.

We should not live and let live on this John. Surely we all have a right to demand a return to something like the quality of life we bought into.

As to visual overload; there's visual overload and there's visual overload. Either is better than auditory overload.

You're probably right Hugh but I feel no need to make apologies for law-abiding, considerate motorists (like wot I am :-) )

And I've never felt I have had a hard time from the cycling fraternity ( or sorority :-) ) We've had vigorous discussions, yes, but as said at the Salisbury the other week, no hard feelings.

The point I was trying to make is that I don't think the road painting/bunting idea is a very good one. Dazzle-painting warships is designed to confuse the eye, not draw attention to the danger of standing in front of a 16-inch gun.

My quality of life would be seriously adversely affected if our roads were turned into ersatz Warhohl / Pollock / Kandinsky canvasses.

Lets get this into perspective Hugh, since 2001/2 traffic flow has got far better for Ladder Roads on the whole.

I very rarely stick up for the council but this is one initiative where they implemented something which is heading in the right direction. This whole scheme was consulted with residents. Problems may have been created by this but far more problems were solved by creating this traffic 'solution', lets concentrate on fine tuning them.

Do not be deluded into thinking prior 2001/2 it was better, it certainly wasn't on the whole

There are too many unrealistic dreams out there.

Reduce driving - simple.

OK, you know my feelings on this. Let's keep the post focussed on Dan's suggestion. My apologies for taking it off-track. I'll open another thread if neccessary, but will try and help focus this conversation on Dan's suggestion now.
We do share the pavement with cars on Wightman.

I've just been down Hewitt Road and it is lovely - lined with trees every few yards, top to bottom, mainly Silver Birch

Go paint my road!!
Solution - remove the road humps: they don't work but result in higher levels of atmospheric pollution as drivers brake/accelerate.



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