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There is an image on the Alexandra Palace website of the original 1873 building taken of the main front aspect - link/image below. I cannot work out what or where the foreground buildings are. Logically they must be somewhere towards the eastern end of Hornsey High Street if we are looking face on to the palace building but in that area we should be able to see St Mary's Church. Can anyone shed any light on what these buildings are?

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Oh, hadn't realised that they were that close to Priory Road.   It makes me wonder about the building still at the back of a few  Linzee Road houses on the right. This picture is extracted from estate agent details of a past sale of no.8 Linzee. Odd structure to build as original part of a few Linzee terraces. Any possibility of remnant of River Cottages?

The map also informs me that the river ran part along what is now Linzee Road. I shall retrospectively name my childhood house as River Terrace ;-)

Interesting, Ken. I’ll have a closer look when I get back in. 

Link to house details on Rightmove

Described as former stable. Units don't align neatly to the  Linzee back gardens.

Sorry to give you another goose chase, wild or otherwise  ---- No, not really :-)

Fascinating, I wonder if this terrace was designed & advertised for horse "cabbies" ?  there is access via the rear mews? into oak ave - & it is still cobbled. ( Perhaps this should be moved to a new thread? to keep the 1870 Alex Palace free)

Sadly, I don't think it predates the houses. Here is the 93/95 OS overlaid with Google Satellite. You can see both River Cottages and the short terrace of buildings you're highlighting. Nice thought though!

Not convinced about their having been stables for the houses. None of the houses backing on to them were grand enough to have housed carriage owners. 

Kelly's tells us they were called Priory Stables. (no idea why they use North Side/South side, rather than east/west!). Perhaps where local traders kept their horses?

Kelly's Directory 1910-11

Oh, and I was so looking forward to a new thread on this!

Have you tried the side-by-side tool on the National Library of Scotland maps website? It lets you palce the cursor over a current satelite image and see where that is on a series of old maps. On the 1890s maps these buildings don't seem to line up with the old cottages.

The map tool is here: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=18&lat=51.58... 

Thank you. A new (to me) toy to play with!

And there's the overlay option, as above. This makes it very easy to relate old maps to the current situation. 

I downloaded the "land adjoining 8 Linzee" map from the land Registry. Anyone interested like Ken please send me your email & will forward. gerrynewby@gmail.com Caution: it is very interesting ! Basically there may have been one stable originally? but looks like four? & they appear to align directly with the houses 10,12& 14.  only 8 is not aligned. Their access was clearly a FRONT ( ie West) forecourt going out to Oak Av via a bend & alley, This forecourt has now been subdivided to make longer gardens of  8 to 14 Linzee These 4 stables also seem to  have a furher narrow alley on their east side? on Oak Av side ? Someone in Linzee must know their strange history & purpose ? Did four adjoining neighbours all buy the stable block together ?  seems unlikely to me !

There were a few backlands on the Warner Estate that were disposed of in a variety of ways in the second half of the twentieth century.

The backlands between Priory Avenue and Linzee Road were acquired by all the residents and a shared space was made. Those between Priory Avenue and Park Avenue North were subject to what one Priory Avenue resident described to me as a 'land grab'. Some houses ended up with huge gardens as a result.

I don't know what happened with the stables between Nightingale and Linzee. As the Kelly's clip I posted suggests, it was almost certainly originally owned and run as a single business. If ownership is now split between four (or possibly six) houses, then it is likely that some sort of land acquisition happened at the same time as the other backlands were acquired.  

The map below is from the 1952 OS (click it enlarge). The set-up it shows for the stable/s is identical to that shown in the 1915 map. It always had its entrance on Nightingale Lane. 

Hi. I have looked through this discussion. The pair of Semis still being finished off circa 1870, could be a clue. 3 floors with bay windows & steps up to them, ----these should still be with us? Whether we do reverse or not. They should have survived until WW2 at very least, unless they subsided. The line of sight map that someone has made is very useful. The lens used would now be described at "telephoto"?? There are houses in Middle Lane very very similar to these, though this does not fit. A real puzzle here,just waiting to be solved !



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