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The old post office and other empty retail places: what will happen next?

Builders have started clearing out the old post office. Does anyone know what this is going to become?

Is there any info on the fate of other empty places, like Santander next door, the furniture shop opposite (that used to be fairline but became a Turkish restaurant for a while). 

And what about the tiny Vietnamese restaurant next to the Salisbury, gathering dust since it closed.

A lot of building work was taking place at Pentadaktilos, the Cypriot Men’s social club opposite the Salisbury  that closed last year. But the building site has been locked well before the lockdown.

The fish and chip shop that uses to be a Greek record shop has sadly been gone for a while. I wonder what will happen here and other places that I can’t think of right now.

This may not be a top priority at the moment. But whatever happens next could be Crucial to the future identity of the neighbourhood.

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I haven't heard anything about the old post office. So thanks for the update.

Here's what I was told about Pentadaktilos.

More Yoga had planned to move in to the old Santander in 2017, but apparently, the landlord didn't want them. So, they took premises at the bottom end of Wood Green High Street. One concudes that the landlord isn't over-concerned about finding a tenant.

The problem with 1 Grand Parade is that it can't get a full cooking licence. So it's stayed empty. Crepanini suffered with the same issue.  I think the old Stephanou barber's premises behind is empty now too. After George moved out, it was a beauty salon for some time.

I'd heard that the owner of Rakkas, who also owned Hashtag, had planned to amalgamate the premises with Rakkas. Not clear if that's still on the cards.

The other big gap of course is 13-15 Grand Parade on the corner of Salisbury Road.

I'm sure if Haringey started doling out A3 licences, the premises would soon be filled. But I'm not sure if we want that.

Thanks for the thorough updates Hugh. I did get excited about the potential of a Mexican place when a builder there told me about it. But as this was so long, I’m not sure if it’s still happening. Let’s keep look out and hope we get things that compliment what we have in our vibrant neighbourhood.

Saw this yesterday

So that’s the old Santander, right?

According to Google 519 Green Lanes is already a William Hill? Let’s hope it’s not another bookies as they almost always have a net negative impact on the neighbourhood, they’re even worse than an empty shop - in my opinion at least.

That’s not so bad then - a bookie for a gaming shop. 

“Adult gaming” under a Gambling Act application sounds like we can expect fruit machines/slot machines. I spent 10 minutes looking into it & it looks like this is what the applicant specialises in. There’s already something like this a little further south on the opposite side of the street.

For reference, slot machine players become addicted three times faster than other gamblers.


I think what addicts people is what they call FOBTs. Bookmakers have those too. 

Undoubtedly that’s going to be hugely detrimental to the high street and the local community. Has the LSCP been made aware? Looks like objections to this need to be emailed directly - it’s not on the planning portal as it’s not as yet a planning matter...

That’s the old William Hill. The old Santander is now the dental place. The empty one Hugh is thinking off, beside the old post office, used to be Nationwide.

Oh no!

Thanks for this Malc. As I understand the boarded shop next to the post office was the old Santander. 519 is the empty shop 2 doors up between the house of smiles and the laundrette. Still not good though...



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