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Hi all,
I noticed that the Nile bar is currently being completely refurbished. Does may one know anything about the new owners and their plans for this venue?

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I had a look in Planning Applications and their is a notice about 435 West Green road, problems with noise.  The builders have gutted the ground floor all the way to the back garden, I have a feeling it will be a Turkish restaraunt, but it's only a guess.  Either way I hope it will be an improvement on the previous venue, sounds like it was hell for the neighbours and residents around the bar.

Sounds like a reasonable guess in our area! It certainly was a pretty noisy and lairy venue, although I live a fair bit along the road so wasn't one of those directly affected.

I'm amazed it caused noise problem as I don't think I ever saw anyone drinking there.

Not sure it will be a Turkish as it says that "golden sands bar and pubs" has a notice on the door.

Well almost certainly Bulgarian then. Perhaps it's the people who used to run the Bulgarian place opposite that changed hands.

You must have avoided it at busy times, as it was certainly pretty full upon occasion (perhaps private bookings) and although it never bothered me I might say differently if I was closer

when 'the Nile' opened we went a couple of times with freinds and my kids to try the 'Noma Choma' (Barbied Goat rib). Very tasty.
It was pretty lively right from the start, but had a good vib when I was there.
I live far enough away not to have been effected by the noise though.

I for one am rather sad that the old Nile has gone. I live on the West Green Road and can see the place from my window. The noise, such as it was, never bothered me. And there was never any trouble.

The Nile was essentially an African bar with music and other special nights. It got VERY busy late at night on a weekend when I could see people going there dressed up for a night out. A lot of people are going to miss it- it offered something different in the area.

For the rest of the time- I think it opened late afternoon- it was fairly quiet. But it was very nicely done out, clean and friendly. It was a good place to have a quiet drink- no real ale but draft Guinness instead.

So I don't know where this "sounds like hell for the neighbours" comes from. Clearly from the way you phrase it secondhand gossip. I'm here, a few doors up and across the road- no problem.

For those who prefer ANOTHER Turkish restaurant to a black bar OK you're welcome to your choice, but please don't knock a place when its down based on unsubstantiated rumour. 

I'm not aware myself of most neighbours attitudes to it, but there was a formal review of their license in August 2015, so there certainly were those that had issues with the noise and disruption. The review was requested by a local councillor and a group of local residents. Whether their concerns were justified I don't know personally - of course keeping a load of drunk people from disrupting others when leaving a late night venue is a tricky job, and one I certainly wouldn't want to take on!

Well yes indeed. But the West Green Road is a very mixed place- residential, shops, offices, bars and cafes. I like that sort of area- I don't want to live in a suburban street in Beckenham a mile from any facilities. But certain things go with a neighbourhood like ours- principally an enhanced level of noise. Mostly we get used to it. We all have our bete noires- mine are police sirens- but it's part of where we live. The activity from the Nile was nothing exceptional- and I'm here every night. And of course since the smoking ban you do get far more drinkers out on the pavement. But I prefer activity and enterprise to empty premises- see also the late lamented Buonissimo 

I live on West Green Road myself. The one that bugs me is that just opposite our house people often Park at night on the dot le yellow outside the shop, which then because of the traffic island blocks the buses - who then lean on their horns!

I think you have to weigh up the different uses s of the street and everyone has to compromise a bit. One thing to consider though, is that people can't always choose where they live. We would rather live on a quiet residential street, but took ours for decent location and the fact it was shared ownership so got us on the housing ladder. As many of our neighbours can't yet buy 100% of their places (or perhaps ever) it's very difficult to decide to move on as financially you won't be left with cash to buy again.

Don't take my word for it, you can check the planning application 

MONDAY, 10 AUGUST 2015, 1008 2015 1900

as afar as I'm concerned all late night venues have a duty of care to make sure their patrons leave quietly.  I bet these people don't make loads of noise when they roll up at their own houses in whatever suburban street they live in.

I have to admit I'm pretty much Ocakbasi-ed out. Haven't been to any Turkish restaurant in the area for a long time now.
I wonder if the Nile will end up as another fruit and veg shop/supermarket? Anyone remember 'The Colony'



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