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Hi all,
I noticed that the Nile bar is currently being completely refurbished. Does may one know anything about the new owners and their plans for this venue?

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The Colony? I remember a pub called the Botany Bay on Philip Lane which ended up as a huge fruit and veg place. Did that maybe change its name at some point? It wasn't a bad place really. 

As for the Turks I miss the Bingol (latterly Flame) on Green Lanes. I went there regularly but when it disappeared I couldn't really be bothered to find a replacement. I'd had a long stint with Turkish places and enjoyed them at the time. Before the Bingol there was the Erenler further down towards the Bridge and on the opposite side. 

That's the one!, the botany. My memory is shocking.
Bingol and the Erenler were my fav's back in the day as well
I'm not conversing with someone who accuses me of racism Jonathan. If you want a sensible conversation then work on how you start them in future
Sure thing. Deleted comments.
Me too. Cheers.
Is golden sands definitely Bulgarian owned then?
Not 100%, but there are quite a lot of Bulgarian restaurants and bars that are named after the beach resorts over there - most Golden Sands & Sunny Beach. I go to Bulgaria quite a lot, so would personally quite like a Bulgarian place locally! Tough sell though, as their cuisine is not as easy to sell to non Bulgarians as say Turkish as very few people are going to know what Bulgarian food is.

That's a very fair point you made a couple of posts back, Gus. Many of us don't really have that much choice in where we live. I landed here some twenty years back after business problems led to the loss of my house and there were friends of friends who could put me up. I was middle aged then so I'm an old git by now. I have no further ambitions to own property- they would be pointless- but good luck with yours. Me, I've grown into this place and wouldn't want to leave it now. I may have fancied leafy suburbs once; now I prefer a little shop next door where I can get milk when I run out. And no less than four bus routes passing my door. That's also true what you say about bus horns and horns in general. One broke down the other day and other drivers just behave so idiotically, getting so close that nobody can get through from either direction. So everybody's blowing their horn. Inner city life eh, but it's been good enough to me.  

Yeah us too mate. Wouldn't choose to live anywhere else - I love Haringey, Tottenham and even West Green Road (most of the time!) Given the option I might live on a less busy road but still close enough to the 24hr shops, but then I would miss our view!

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