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Hi there,

We just moved into the area and I keep walking past the Lord Palmerston which appears closed and I cannot find any info on the place.

Does anyone know the history/if/when it will reopen? We'd love to have a local!



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I found this on Facebook. Obviously 6 weeks has long since passed since this post. Maybe they ran out of money for the refurb?

It was open when I walked past a few weeks ago but looked pretty much the same- no new make over!! 

Talking about the one on Philip Lane? It is currently, very quietly, being advertised for lease by the management. 

Welcome to the area ! :) 

We live close to the pub and yes, as Costa said, it's up for sale again. It changed hands about a year ago, to a new owner who owns other places down in Shoreditch. We all thought he'll make it cool!  But what he did as soon as he arrived in was to try and extend drinking hours so we'd all be disturbed by an already rowdy clientelle... the application was denied by the council with the support of the police who were also opposed. In fact the Police came door to door warning us about his application!

Since then, it's like the owner just couldn't give a *, tried to start rennovations but I think has run out of money. Had some cowboy builders in there chucking stuff out the flats upstairs onto the pavement below - very dangerous.  It's now for sale AGAIN (£50k anyone, great investment!?!)  The flats above have new tenants so i think the main point of the "refurb" was actually to get revenue from renting the space above.

If anyone else has more insight, please enlighten us! Wish we could buy it ourselves it make another 'True Craft' style place with good community vibes ! We can only hope....!

Thanks so much everyone for the info - we'll keep watching and waiting and hopefully it won't stayed closed indefinitely!

Hello, last week I asked someone doing some clearing at the pub what was happening and they said they’d just taken the lease and were themselves involved in true craft, that it wd still be a pub but a different concept from true craft. I felt like a bit of a gentrifying prat when I was asking - please let it be different to previous days etc - so left it at that ... fingers crossed this cd be great news! 

Now this could be a bit of good news, I really like True Craft, it's different  - looking forward to seeing this take shape.  Lots of potential customers on Lawrence Road and West Green area in general, exciting

I definitely second that! 

Thanks so much Charlotte for being brave enough to ask! I have been hoping it would be a place for all the community, so let's keep our fingers crossed that it won't be too gentrified and provide something for all in the area (and maybe a rename...)

Just got a planning permission notice for the Lord Palmerston HGY/2019/2563 - things are happening

Hi there - what kind of planning are they seeking? 



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