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I'm trying to organise a couple of family based events in The Langham Club, so far I have the idea of a family disco maybe once a month on a Saturday afternoon/evening. I'm thinking 4-7 or 5-8. It be open to all families and aimed at children 10 and under. Older children are still welcome but might not like the music.

Any ideas of suggestions you may have or would like to see happen in the Langham please let me know. 


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That sounds like a great idea Carla & 5-8pm will at least trick parents into thinking they’ve had a night out too! Can there be a cheesy DJ who takes requests too? Have you seen the Big Fish, Little Fish events? They have things like face painting & craft tables & baby chill out areas. It’s might be worth having a look at their events for some ideas. We’d definitely come to something like this at the Langham club though. 
I’ve only been to the club once & it was after the lantern parade in December. To be honest it was so crowded that we didn’t even stay for a drink. So maybe a ticketed event would be a good idea. Also, there were so many buggies everywhere people were tripping over them. Have a look at what BFLF policy on buggies is, I have a feeling they have an outside area & slings only inside.

Let us know when it is though so we can get it in the diary! 

5-8pm might end up putting parents of younger children off a bit. We generally give our 4 and 3 year old their tea around 5-5.30. If you're aiming at older then, obviously, ignore me 

Georgina do you have a time in mind, any suggestions are good

4/5-8pm is not a bad time- but might be good if you had some child friendly catering- or allowed people to bring snacks in- just to bridge the gap between dinner time  and bed!

I am hoping to put on snacks things like sandwiches, veggie sticks and fruit 

In the same vein, my cousin runs We Can Be Heroes, which is billed as "a daytime disco for grown-up geeks and their kid sidekicks" (www.wecanbeheroes.co.uk). He's based in Walthamstow and it might be worth a chat with him about how they run their events to cover the sorts of points raised by Harringay 4eva.

Thanks sounds like a great idea

What a great idea. We really enjoyed the Xmas event, would be interested if theatre companies were coming along and doing the occasional play too. 

These guys run a great family indie disco down in town if you're looking for any inspiration - https://www.howdoesitfeel.co.uk/hdifkidsdisco.html

We attended the lantern parade and were thinking that it would be great if there were more family events at the Langham. Events such as Big Fish Little Fish do tend to be 2-5pm, but if you're aiming it at people who can get home quickly afterwards then I think 4-7pm/5-8pm - as long as food is available - would work well. We have a 2 year old and 4 year old and that timing would be good for us, as we could come after doing something during the day or after our little one's nap. Although I appreciate might not work for everyone .

Thanks for everyone's suggestions and feedback, a kids disco will definitely be going ahead, I'm looking at the 1st Saturday in March but has to be cleared with the committee 1st.

I'm thinking music, bubble machines, ballons, glow sticks and food. Anymore ideas would be good 

I have posted an update in community and issues think I put in wrong category.

Save the Date March 7 will be the Langham 1st kiddies disco, 4 till 7. Full details in community.



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