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Please change my view: Harringay itself is somewhat lacking facilities. We're new to the area, but as far as I know, on the ladder, gardens and environs there is no swimming pool, children's centre, library or sports centre. Is the area being short-changed?

(Don't get me wrong, really like it here, not a hater.)

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I live on the ladder and can think of an example of all of those in very close proximity. Maybe try googling it. 

I tend to see London neighbourhoods as part of a wider entity and see facilities in that respect. I don't think Muswell Hill, for example has a swimming pool or a sports centre either. But both Muswell Hillers and Harringaeites have access to the pool in Crouch End and there are other pools and a sports centres within the borough or just across the border in Islington or Hackney.

Having said that there is also a swimming pool at South Harringay school (not the biggest of pools, but useful if you have kids and want tp teach them to swim). As to a sports centre, within Harringay ward we have Finsbury Park which has a few sports facilities. 

We have Stroud Green & Harringay Library just over the railway bridge in Quernmore road and in the other direction there's a library in Cissbury Road N15.

Are there any/many London neighbourhoods the size of Harringay that have everything in your list?

Historically, Harringay was split between two boroughs, Hornsey and Tottenham. So as it developed it wasn't showered with public resources because it was, until Haringey was created in 1965, always on the very edge of both boroughs. We do alright though and most of the resources you need are only a walk or a short bus ride away.

Thanks Hugh,

Really interesting to hear about the area being on the cusp, historically. And I agree that there is plenty within reach - but a brand spanking new sports centre on the ladder wouldn't go amiss, even so. Or even better just a new entrance to make Finsbury park easier to get into.

We were spoilt living in Archway, where all of the above were indeed on our doorstep, clustered around Archway tube. 

It sounds like you've moved from a well-endowed area to a more typical London neighbourhood. 

I totally agree about another entrance for Finsbury Park. You'd never think it's in Harringay ward.

By the way Dan, demands for such an entrance date back over a hundred years!

Welcome to the area.  All these things exist close (ish) by - you just need to orientate!

Closest Library is Stroud Green and Harringay Library over the railway bridge at Harringay Station
No - alas the Children's Centre on the Ladder closed - but there are lots of other activities being run in local cafes on Green Lanes - so check out flyers in windows etc - Woodlands Park Children's Centre still has various things going on.

Harringay has the little pool at Mattison Road (as Hugh mentioned) but for free swims it is a bike ride, lower walk or bus to many other local pools - Tottenham Green, Archway, Park Road, Leisure centre by Clissold Park.

Sobelle centre is a short bus ride (29)/bike ride away - and has a wide range of activities, including a trampoline park, badminton, ice skating, football facilities, gymnastics

The Harringay Club (YMCA) just across the bride from Hornsey train station has lots of activities for children - ones during the day for pre-school children and then lots of dancing and gymnastics for school age children from 4 each day.

So - yes whilst it might not be right on our doorstep - you can get to most things in 20 minutes or so.

Good to know, Judith. I didn't know about the Harringay Club, and haven't yet had a chance to look into cafe-based toddler fun. It still takes me three tries to find the cereal bowls in the kitchen, so not surprising I haven't totally conquered the neighbourhood yet.

There’s also a library in Cissbury Rd, off St Ann’s Rd, just past Chestnuts Park. Probably a 15 minute walk from Green Lanes. There’s also a community centre within the park. Tottenham Green Leisure Centre has pretty good pool facilities as well as a big library (Marcus Garvey Library).

You might have to take a bus a few stops for some of these, but none are very far away.

Thanks Carol. I must check out that sports centre.

There doesn't seem to be much going on at the community centre in Chestnuts. Unless I'm mistaken

I watched the  webcast of the January (I think) cabinet meeting where, as part of the agenda item about local housing development (probably the HDV) there was a deputation from someone about having a pool as part of the redevelopment. I think they were from a swimming charity. It got knocked back. You can probably find more detail in the minutes from that meeting. Or perhaps you can watch the video (I’m assuming you can watch afterwards & not just live, I’ve never tried). 

Theres a library in st Ann’s ward, on cisbury rd, not too far from the gardens. 

No sports centre (other than private gyms).  Islington’s sobell centre isn’t far away. Crouch end has a lido. 

What ive always thought this borough is good for is green spaces so lots of tennis courts, outdoor gyms, etc, an athletics track and baseball pitch at Finsbury Park. Probably loads more I haven’t thought of.

Ah, found the minutes from that meeting here.


The council certainly doesn't sound very keen. 

But interesting to hear about council's "recent conversation with Alexandra Palace about an open water offer through the development of the filter beds, potentially to be called the Palace Ponds". Does anyone know if anything came of that? Perhaps I'll have a sift through the more recent minutes. Don't like the phrase "open water offering" though.

New River Sports Centre has had a makeover and is not bad tho annoyingly is only served by the W3....tho it does have a car park... 



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