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I started this discussion on Opinion8 a few weeks back, about the wonderful fly daily fly tip outside the parade of shops on Weston Park, between Nelson and Inderwick Road.

Unfortunately that site is almost as dead as a Dodo, so I am moving the discussion over to HOL. I intend to keep posting and complaining to the council (have done so on a daily basis for nearly 3 weeks) until someone does something about this. I have some local councillors who are looking into this, but it's getting worse every day, and it needs dealing with NOW.

Any suggestions welcome.

This is from this morning, May 5th:

and here's yesterday's - May 4th:

It seems residents from the flats above the shops dump all their c**p here every night. That combined with Veolia's endless purple bags makes this a great spot for every dirty litterbug around, as well as a nightly feast for the local foxes, rats, mice and cockroaches. It's a health hazard, and someone needs to take some responsibility and fast. This can't go on.

Again, suggestions welcome. I have already tried complaining, reporting and getting a few local councillors involved. No real results. It is incredibly frustrating to say the least.

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Great post, thank you Gordon!



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