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I came across the following reminiscences about The Salisbury pub the other day.

Went to Waterford Ireland a couple of years ago, got talking to the man engraving in a glass factory visiting centre. He said his dad was the landlord of the Salisbury in the 70s and claimed it was haunted by a prostitute murdered by Canadian soldiers in the First World War. (Adrian Charles)
I lived in Green Lanes, my grandparents lived in Seymour Rd opposite the pub. It was their local. Have many memories standing outside with my crisps & Lemonade. Also there was a Scottish lady who sold newspapers outside named Jean. (Pauline Woodberry)

Has anyone heard tell of other Harringay ghosts?

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Spooky. Was any explanation ever given as to who the figures might be?

Hi Alan

Out of interest,  which  corner of Langham and West Green Rd?  There was a petrol garage which was knocked down at least before 2006 and now has a Tesco local below the flats.  the other corner has an automotive sales shop with flats above, but definitely a Victorian building.

thanks Glen

Cheers Alan, that's the one I was thinking of.   Nice to get a bit of history of these parts, I'm on Langham and there is one house that is very well preserved on the outside,   The old Victorian buildings really show up the 90s/ 00s monstrosities that are springing up on any bit of open land.

PS wouldn't like to be a tenant of the flat if the ghost still turns up?!!

In around 1955 and 1956 I used to assist the man who sold newspapers outside the Salisbury.  His name was Mr. Fone and he also had a little CTN across in Seymour Road which his wife ran.  As Mr. Fone was elderly a man named Tom was usually there.  He would yell out "Star, News and Standard, late papier" that's how he would talk.  One of my jobs was to walk around St. Anns Road to a cafe with a tin mug and have it filled with tea, and also a bacon sandwich.  Boy did that sandwich smell good.  I also delivered papers to various houses and businesses in the area.  I remember Rosens who I believe sold ladies clothes and for some reason they took two copies of the Standard.  For some reason I remember the day Mr. Fone died - it was July 4, 1957.



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