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Waldon Telecom have recently alerted some residents within the block of flats 67-109 Warwick Gardens of their proposed installation of mobile telecommunication masts and dishes on the building’s roof. The. Development is substantial in size (see attachment) and will certainly impact the residents within the block and street as well as the structure and appearance of the building. I am sharing the letter sent to ask whether anyone might be able to advise on the legislation they appear to now be dependent on - permitted development - and request that any interested parties share objections with katy.jessop@waldontelecom.com and planning@haringey.gov.uk; please also cc’ our local councillors mike.hakata@haringey.gov.uk and julie.davies@haringey.gov.uk as they have previously supported with this issue. Use reference number 99240. 

Previous planning applications were made in 2014 and 2019, both were rejected and there has been no material changes other than the permitted development legislation. St Ann’s was agreed as a suitable site, with awareness of the housing development, and it is unclear why they cannot continue to make use of this site. 

The letter is dated 23 Nov with a 14 day reply period. 

Letter Page 1

Letter Page 2



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Hi, the new permitted development rules for telecoms that came in this year are here;


Not sure if it will help you as I've only had a quick look at the drawing, but the legislation states that it can't be permitted developement and therefore need planning consent if;

- the antennas are taller than 6m on a building less than 15m high - 2(b)

- within 20m of the highway given the building is less than 15m high - 2(d)(i))

Which might be relevant for you. 

Also - aren't Haringey the freeholder of that building? If planinng were against it why would Haringey Housing allow it be installed on their roof. 

Thank you this is certainly helpful. 



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