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The Garden Ladder sadly closed last Thursday 10th April after a great few years trading - it was the first place to give a different feel to Green Lanes and it will be missed.  The great success that Jam in the Jar is enjoying might have been a factor but let's wish all the staff well and look forward to whatever takes its place....

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I thought it was naff and 'diversity' is supplied much better by Jam in the Jar who are genuinely doing something different. Hopefully the new pub will have a more interesting beer, food and ambiance than did the GL. 


*nod* I liked it, but it always felt more like sitting in a shop-front than an actual pub. And we stopped going when they stopped doing the roasts. 

So what's up next do we reckon. Betting shop or Turkish restaurant? Place your *cough* bets now.

What?! Have I miss-understood your comment? Were the guys at The Garden Ladder being naughty? I'm going to miss sitting out in the beer garden, having a roast with chums.

which new bar are you talking about?


It was the only bar around here that felt like a normal locals pub.

Thanks for letting us all know, Russell. Very sad.

Anyone know what is taking it's place?
I heard it was closing down for a couple of weeks and then reopening as a pub. Was also very sad to say goodbye to the garden ladder and will miss the lovely bar staff!
Yes, it's going to remain a bar/pub. I spoke to the new owners the other day. They just want to make a couple of improvements and reopen. So within a couple of weeks I'd say.

Thanks Andy. That's good to hear.

Good to hear! Who are the new owners?



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