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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

"Lines around the block at  trendy restaurants compete with even more crowds at pop-ups and events that spill over into the street outside of hip bars and wine shops ... outsiders ... who cannot seem to comprehend that the sidewalk on which they stand exists to service people other than them. Their blank stares or complete lack of acknowledgement when someone is trying to pass by them without stepping into the street perfectly captures the “feeling” of gentrification: that all of this newness, good or bad, beautiful or boring, will quickly, wilfully, crowd out the people, cultures, and histories that made this neighbourhood such a desirable place for investors, restaurateurs, and upwardly mobile transplants to begin with." 

This article is about LA but reading it there are parallels here in London, including in our borough. https://makinganeighborhood.substack.com/p/the-five-senses-of-gentr...

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Excellent article, thanks for sharing. 

It is possible to improve neighbourhoods without selling them off to the gentry and without passing control to profit oriented developers but with our current government  it's not easy.

In my experience people with and without disposable income both have high hopes and expectations and in a fairer society the latter would also be listened to.

Many of the responses to this post seem to strike a defensive note and not engage with the substantive issues raised in the piece and whether and how they might apply in Haringey, whether on the Ladder or elsewhere. Anyone who has lived here for decades would agree that some things on Green Lanes have improved but it has come at a price - pricing out the children of longstanding residents and the kinds of public sector workers and people on average incomes who could earlier afford homes here, as well as making it a more expensive place to live and trade in. While socio-economic forces cannot be easily reversed, sensitivity and understanding never goes amiss.



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