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The Enchanted Garden - Adults Art Workshop, Sunday, 18th October, 6-7pm.

Create an Enchanted Garden, inspired by the paintings of Paul Klee.

Use PAPER COLLAGE or PAINTING technique as preferred.


- Plain paper A4 2-3 sheets, 2 sheets, eg junk mail with one plain side

- Colour magazines, newspapers, wrapping paper scraps (NOT foil based), coloured craft paper

- PVA glue or Pritt Stick

- Scissors

- Black Sharpie Pen/Marker Pen/Felt Tips

- Acrylic or Watercolour Paints if preferred

BOOK DIRECT on Meetup:
http://meetu.ps/c/4GTSq/JFhjn/a, or EMAIL for Zoom Link on sujan.nandanwar@gmail.com

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