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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Yesterday afternoon, Harringay-based Thierry mailed his previous customers with the news that the first of this year's Harringay honey crop was in - and yes it REALLY is Harringay Honey; made from hives in Thierry's garden in Park Road, Harringay.

I was round there like a shot to ensure I secured my jars. It's a truly unique honey, the Dom Perignon of honeys. 

You can contact Thierry via his page on HoL, where there is a private messaging option. I'll let him know that I've posted this. 

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Indeed, Hugh, it is very fine honey. I've just sent the wife around to Thierry's to pick up a kilo.

I  agree and I have had his DELICIOUS honey several times - the best ever  EVEr 

I've known Thierry for a long time and he LOVES his bees. A real labour of love, happy bees happy honey and a credit to local produce. Well done!! 

The bees clearly thrive on his love. 

Thierry has just very kindly brought his beautiful honey to me. So happy me too. I buy both for me and for presents to give my extra special friends as additional birthday presents. We are so lucky to have this gifted honey maker but he gives the entire credit to his busy beeeees ))

I would be interested in purchasing a couple jars of your honey please.  Im in Allison Rd.  Thanks Helen 

You’ll need to contact Thierry - harringayhoney@gmail.com


We got our first jar of Harringay Honey from Thierry this week - it is so good! Highly recommended!

Glad you like it!



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