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That sound check is insane. The Arctic Monkeys are so rubbish. 3 days of it!

Is it just the direction of the wind or is that significantly louder than the Stone Roses?

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If the music is too loud (or there are other anti social behaviour call the council's concert hotline and report it. The number is 020 8489 8232. The number of reports may also affect future frequency of events and sound levels.

Only soldier out of step but here goes........ I have missed being able to hear the Arsenal games from my back garden & I love a free concert (especially the likes of Arctic Monkeys)!
Not the only soldier.
Me too, just went for a stroll and it sounds great.

The seats near the bowling green by the lake are a good place to sit, and you get to see the ducklings too.
Bloody hell, I can hear them in Crouch End! Never liked them that much. Never heard the Stone Roses, bugger. Do like them.

I can hear them near Downhills Park, though it's a bit sporadic. I wonder how far away it can reach...

They sound fab - we just sat out for a bit to listen but it's a bit nippy!

I can hear the bass in Queens Wood N6, 2.5 miles away.
I feel as though I've been listening to them for 3 weeks not two days . I don't think any music sounds great if you're forced to listen to it.
I thought they had to stop at 10.00. Why are they still playing ?

10.30 I think

10.30, I think.



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