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That sound check is insane. The Arctic Monkeys are so rubbish. 3 days of it!

Is it just the direction of the wind or is that significantly louder than the Stone Roses?

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I know I'm in a minority but I heard the soundcheck and it sounded great. We have tickets for Saturday and can't wait.  The NME covered the show with a little preview this week likening it to career/era defining gigs like Oasis at Knebworth in 1996. It also had a few local facts (who knew Hendrix set fire to his guitar on stage at The Rainbow theatre, now the UKCG church).

We went to see the AM on their first UK headline tour in 2005 but had to travel to Glasgow as that was the only place we could get tickets for, so it's really exciting to have them playing such a massive 'career defining' event on our doorstep.

Agreed! Get a grip, grumpies! its just for a few hours.

No its not. Its over three days, six times this summer. It is totally unacceptable.

Actually that's not true , Mike. There are to weekends this summer - the next is 4,5 and 6 July. But there is the potential for up to FIVE weekends of up to three consecutive days of concerts in future years under the council's new large events policy.

Having said that its not just the noise that concerns me. Its the loss of a large part of the park for two weeks at a time and the damage that might be done to the grass if it rains hard prior to 50,000 people trampling over it. Oh hang on a minute .....

Too right, as an official 60 year old " grumpy old git" living in Umfreville with no double glazing I was just envious that I couldn't hear it alittle clearer, some times I despair of the wingers! Roll on Saturday tho looking damp

I also like live music, but I also think that people have a  right to peace and quiet in a residential area. You don't seem to care.

PS I don't share your taste in music - can't stand the Arctic Monkeys. Why the hell should I be forced to listen to them!!!

Agreed. The summer is very short and many people would like to sit in their gardens at the weekend in peace.

I'd just like to be able to have my window open on a nice day. Fat chance of that this weekend. I live a matter of yards (as the crow flies) from the gig site itself albeit with the railway line (below ground level) in-between and this noise even drowned out the sound of the trains. Windows closed and they buzz with vibration. Open and it's like living in a sound trap box. The front of the house is no better as the sound bounces and echoes off the buildings opposite.

And take a look at this:-

Last year the school playground was used as a giant urinal and litter bin. This is their solution for this weekend.

If the noise is bad tomorrow, or people are peeing in the street  (or into the school playground) you should report it to the council's concert hotline. Phone 020 8489 8232. The more complaints they get the more chance they will put limits on the maximum volume next time there's an event (which is the 4,5 and 6 July).

The helicopters afterwards were more annoying than the gig.

Well, they would be, since you wanted to hear the gig, but presumably take no pleasure in helicopter noise



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