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That sound check is insane. The Arctic Monkeys are so rubbish. 3 days of it!

Is it just the direction of the wind or is that significantly louder than the Stone Roses?

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Bloody Hell !! I can hear it here at Hornsey Station. God help those at the south end of Wightman

Northern wind from Sheffield ?
Another reason not to vote Labour. How dare they disturb the whole neighbourhood.

yes how dare they - I suppose the reason the Council allowed it  is that they don't give a toss about the local residents. It seems they are more interested in pandering to the tastes of pop fans than respecting the right to peace & quiet. I have been a Labour voter all my life - never again! Can't wait until they are slung out.

Mike, rightly or wrongly, it's the rental income that is the motivating factor for the council in allowing the racket (rather than any pandering to pop fans). Local residents' views were disregarded, especially at the three-hour Scrutiny Meeting in January.

Some residents may enjoy the sound check. Other residents do not have a choice in the matter and that is the unfairness.

Then there is the denial of the park to the general public. The commercialisation of our public park is set to increase, thanks to the Cabinet Executive's decision.

[Highgate Councillor elect]

Aye lad!

They are SUPER flipping loud though. I'll be spending most of the weekend in Cricklewood, with my fellah (who's also from Sheffield) and I'll probably still be able to her 'em! ;)
Bugger! *HEAR!* There, got it!

This is what the promoter press release said:

On Thursday 22nd May, there will be further intermittent low level audio tests to EQ and align the system between 12pm & 3pm followed by a concert level PA check between 3.30pm and 5pm. This test will allow engineers to check off site sound levels to ensure that the concert will operate within the levels dictated by licensing. This will be followed by the band carrying out a sound check between 5pm & 6.30pm.

Who should I contact if I want to complain about noise from the concert?

The Community Information Hotline – 020 8489 8232.

I just spoke with one of the Haringey licensing officers at the number above and they are getting a lot of complaints apparently. However, she said they did a good job on sound levels last year and she's convinced they'll get it right. 

Enjoy the last half hour everyone!

I have registered a complaint at that number and thanks for sharing the info Hugh you are a much valued resource! I live a mile from the event and have never realised just what people have to put up with. I thought an inconsiderate neighbour was having a party in an adjoining garden with the sound whacked up!  I have family who live just 100 metres from the Park gate at Finsbury Park and I do feel sorry for them. 



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