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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

That sound check is insane. The Arctic Monkeys are so rubbish. 3 days of it!

Is it just the direction of the wind or is that significantly louder than the Stone Roses?

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Does seem quite loud in Falkland

Is that what the racket is?! It's bloody awful! I was about to go round and bollock those gorgeous young things in the Warehouses! Make it stop! Hahaha!

I wondered what the racket was - thanks Phil!

Well, thanks to Haringey Labour Harringay residents can expect loads of this intrusive music all through the summer! Shame if you want to enjoy your own back gardens.
Yep, thank you Haringey labour, I am enjoying the music!

Wooop!!!  Happy to enjoy my back garden 350ish days a year, and to accept some mild noise for the other couple of weeks.  

Just to broaden opinion a teeny bit, I like it. Sounds like they are in my back garden. Just wish they'd weed while they're out there. i'll let 'em have a cuppa tea in a bit...

I'm over in Tiverton Road, N15 so I'm not getting the sound quality that you are getting but it's really, really loud, Domshaw. I don't mind it. Not really. My 12 year old thinks it's well cool!
I'm with you Domshaw, I like it

I'm easing into it now. Beer anyone?

Why would you want them to wee in your garden? Oh, I see...

Oh wow that's what that noise is. Really far too loud for a Thursday afternoon



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