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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

I know there is a lot of appreciation for HoL but sometimes it can feels like every time Hugh or Liz post, someone comes along to moan. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but anyway, I for one find this site very useful and helpful and great at fostering a sense of community.

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here here.

As above.

Great site, extremely well run

Terrific site.  Love it to pieces.  Thanks to Hugh and Liz

Yeah well done, just wish you would spell Haringey correctly. ;)

Go back to bed FPR.

Yes, a great big thank you to Hugh and Liz for all their great work on HoL. Making a great Harringay even greater.

Here here, completely missed that Guardian article the first time round so thanks for posting again -  a glowing tribute, well done.

Great site, well run.

They've built the Harringay/green lanes brand, contributed to the gentrification of the area and house price growth, with consequent Ladder scum cleansing effect.

Osbawn, you've really got them spot on, but why the hell couldn't Harringay have produced our own Martin Ball to scare them off back in 2007?  Maybe it's not too late. WANTED! VIRTUAL LADDER WRECKING BALL FOR LOCAL DEMOLITION JOB AND SITE CLEARANCE.

Here here!  I really appreciate this site - thanks so much!  



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