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Now that the election is over, we want to thank you, our neighbours, for the wonderful reception we've had throughout this campaign.

To the more than 1200 of you who voted for at least one Lib Dem candidate, thank you for placing your trust in us. Although the result was not what we had hoped for, we achieved a swing of 6% against Haringey Labour, not enough to win but real progress nonetheless.

With democracy under attack around the world, we cannot take for granted how fortunate we are to take part in fair and civil elections. In that spirit, we would like to congratulate the Councillors who have been re-elected alongside the new Cllr Abela.

We understand many people felt that they needed to use their vote to express their contempt for the behaviour of the current Conservative government. We share your anger and hope that these results are a sign of change to come at the next General Election.

As  we heard from many of you on the doorstep, there remain serious concerns over the present management of Haringey Council. We hope we will see change in the coming years, and our Liberal Democrat team will continue to challenge the council to do better for our local community.

Harringay is home for all three of us and we will continue being active members of our community. We invite anyone who either has a problem with the Council or a concern about the local area to get in touch with us. Although we are not your Councillors we will still be able to help with the aid of the Lib Dem Councillors elected elsewhere in the Borough.

All the best,

Karen, Ryan & David

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We're very lucky to have you guys putting pressure on the Labour Party here. Great to have bumped into you while you were out door knocking on election day too.

Can I add add my appreciation of Karen Alexander and David Schmitz. As a former Labour  councillor in another ward until 2014, I occasionally worked with them on some local and cross borough issues. They were unfailingly open, honest and collegiate. With none of the childish yah-boo politics favoured by some of their - and many of my - former Party colleagues.

But then, in any sensible more proportional system both of them would be on the Council, contributing their skills and experience. Plus David's wicked sense of humour and Karen's determined problem solving.
Though of course no sensible system would be based on the dysfunctional Leader/Cabinet/sweetie-jar patronage model.
P.S. Has anyone calculated how many votes it took to elect a single LibDem councillor? Compared to Labour councillors. And compared with votes cast but unable to secure a single Green councillor. Despite the obvious and pressing need for root and branch Green policies and programmes.

Karen — It’s essential to have a range of councillors who can hold Haringey’s administration to account and prevent it being a one-party state, so congratulations to you and your colleagues, whose electoral support obviously reflects real effectiveness as ward councillors. However, I think you might be wary of decrying the current appalling government too loudly in light of your party’s inglorious coalition with Cameron and Osborne, propping up the Tories long enough for them to regroup after the previous Labour government and leading directly, via the Brexit referendum, to the rise of Johnson. Even if electorates have short memories, I imagine there are still plenty who also remember Nick Clegg’s student fees u-turn and cringe-making fawning in the no 10 garden. Nationally, the party may be attracting some disaffected Tories, but I think it’ll take a lot before others can hold their noses and put a cross next to the words “Lib Dem” (even “Local” ones!) to support democracy at the next General Election. Good luck on the Council, but perhaps national redemption might still be some way away?



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