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‘Thank you for the Views’ – Karamel Music Online, EFG London Jazz Festival

Attendance figures for Collage Arts opening weekend of the EFG London Jazz Festival have given a real boost to the team that run the Karamel venue in London’s Wood Green.

Karamel on twitter
“Amazing viewing figures and from around the globe! Please watch (and share) our free music shows, if you haven't caught them yet. Still online over this week/weekend and 5 more gigs to go!”

Preeti Dasgupta, the jazz programmer at Karamel
“Collage Arts are pleased to be able to go ahead with our Lockdown EFG London Jazz Festival 2020 sessions. We clocked up audiences approaching 2,700 viewings over the opening weekend. From the comments we got our audiences were pleased with what they experienced”

Read the full article here

The opening weekend had a strong line up. Just in case you missed them, here are the links;

Philip Clouts Quartet https://youtu.be/ytbsN1fvOEI
Yaz Fentazi Duo https://youtu.be/0POpFpWLeoU
Cosimo Keita Trio https://youtu.be/guRcSpWFzss
Jay Phelps Quartet https://youtu.be/wRhxKAmdHPA
Zantogola https://youtu.be/B924wjgLjLM
Mario Bakuna Band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThSVUE2l_xE
Henry Lowther’s Still Waters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPsBd2FHd2I

We are making a special request for donations of £5 to £10 to show your appreciation and support for the bands and our events programme during these unusual times: http://www.justgiving.com/collagearts

For tonight’s event we have TOMORROW’S WARRIORS night with the Mia Runcorn Band and the Amy Gadiaga Band at 8:30pm. Visit our YouTube channel ‘Karamel Music Online’

As of this morning, we’ve clocked over 4700 views across all 7 gigs from audiences in London and around the world. 4 more left from tonight to Sunday, featuring - Tomorrow’s Warriors – Mia Runham and Amy Gadiaga, Anoushka Lucas, Chris Batchelor’s Pigfoot, and Ubunye.

Collage Arts are a leading arts development, training and creative regeneration charity based in the Haringey Cultural Quarter. For 35 years the organisation has created opportunities for greater participation in the arts and creative industries for the whole community through a range of learning projects, business support, facilities and resources.

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