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i was in Finsbury Park at lunchtime when I saw the air ambulance land in the baseball pitch. (Very convenient place by the accident) Bicycle mashed to bits under the wheels of a massive lorry. Thankfully the cyclist was alive, and a big guy which might have helped. Hopefully not too severe injures, but who knows

Come on cyclists. This shouldn’t still be happening. There is so much information out there, telling you not to cycle up the inside of a lorry at a big junction, And if you do, make use you have plenty of room to jump on the pavement if the lorry suddenly turns left. As you can guarantee, whenever you are on the inside of a lorry, the driver can’t see you

Anyone not confident taking their space in the road, go on cycle training, which gives you the confidence. You should be out in the traffic as they teach you, so this can’t happen. Yes drivers sometimes don’t like it, and there has been discussions here about it. But this is why we are taught to do it

stay safe people

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Husband also saw - terrifying. There is a consultation on active transport atm -can everyone respond about this junction. In other boroughs (including Hackney) there are dedicated cycle lanes and junctions have been redesigned to protect cyclists. Haringey such a laggard and anti cyclist. The result is accidents like this. Even as a cautious cyclist it’s hard at this junction to always be in the right place and some cars are very aggressive if I try to cycle in the middle of the lane in proximity of the junction. There is a limit to what we can do as individual cyclists and pedestrians. Well designed roads - which means proper cycle lanes, saves lives. We need a segregated cycle lane on the Haringey section of Green Lanes and the key junctions (this one and Manor House top of my list) need cycle lights and boxes. Sadly I have little faith in Haringey to act - councils too anti cycle and pro car. 

I too hope they sort this junction out, 

no I don’t have any news on the poor cyclist. Really hope he is ok

The stretch from Endymion Road to St Anne's Road north bound on Green Lanes is extremely dangerous for cyclists. I was violently knocked off in December by a hit and run driver turning right into Umfreville Road. This was clearly dangerous driving, but each time I go up there there are near misses with car suddenly deciding to turn left, parked cars opening doors and pedestrians crossing between standstill vehicles. Cyclists are forced to go on the inside or the outside as there is no cycle lane and traffic is practically stand still. The only alternative route is Wightman Road which is a trek and possibly even worse for cyclists. You can be the the most experienced and we'll trained cyclist, but you are still at the mercy of drivers who simply don't look or even consider that there may be cyclists.


I'm a regular cyclist and my rule is to go nowhere near a lorry. If it pulls up next to me, even, I change position.

Being a driver too I've seen the arrogance and danger that lorry drivers inflict on the motorways.

They are largely driven by knuckle-draggers who don't give a toss!

Please don't blame victims. You have no evidence to support this view and evidence from accident research conclusively shows that cyclists are nearly always injured because of driver actions, not their own.

You need to read my reply. I’m quite sure the lorry driver was at complete fault. But as a cyclist we need to cycle defensively around lorries, which often don’t see us, and even if they do, sometimes don’t care. So yes we need to keep well away from lorries as much as possible, even if it means slamming the breaks on, and jumping onto the pavement, which I’ve had to do a couple of times. No it really shouldn’t happen. 

If you didn't see the accident, how can you be sure that the lorry driver was at fault ?

Imagine if Haringey Council made cyclists a priority on Green Lanes.

Imagine the uproar from those in their Mercs, Chav Rovers and Porsches (blue badge on the dashboard of course)

They can't even enforce no u-turns with these people for fear of what they'll do!



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