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As mentioned over on the GL area traffic study thread it would be interesting to gauge the level of support for the four alternative packages of changes that are being proposed for the Ladder.

So take the straw poll - here - its very short so wont take long to answer.

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It's actually just one question so couldn't be any more straight forward - vote on which of the 4 options you support (just one) or vote for none of them...my vote has been cast...I can't wait to see the result. How long are you proposing to keep the vote open, Ant?

To take out the pain of waiting for Antoinette, why not activate instant results? https://help.surveymonkey.com/articles/en_US/kb/What-are-Instant-Re...

Sorry Hugh...am I right in thinking that's something Ant has to do? I wish I was more tech savvy
Yes, Ant would need to do it.
Thanks Hugh. Perhaps Ant has a "grand reveal" in mind! Just don't give the golden envelope to Warren Beatty....

Maybe but perhaps he just didn't realise you can do it. He's big on transparency.

I didn't know that was possible with the free survey monkey version, I'll have a look. 52 votes so far.

It is indeed. Last option after you've set your collector choice:

There is an option here "Buy Responses". I'm sure I could take a loan out to buy a few hundred thousand responses from around the world to close Wightman Rd and then repay it with the increased equity from my home.

The free surveymonkey version says it will only show the instant results for the first 100 entries and its nearly at 100 now so then wont show the true picture. How about I post what the results look like tomorrow and then switch on "response editing" and just leave it open. That way you can change your vote if you like when you see how things lie, and we can all have fun campaigning to try to get people to change their vote to our favoured option. 

So reading between the lines, your favoured option is not actually supported by the popular vote? This is a pretty much a Marmite issue - you either support the filtering of Wightman Road or you don't so I doubt any amount of campaigning will change anyone's mind (I'm guessing neither of the one way options were popular)

Ok I've switched on the option to let people change their response so you can look at the current results and perhaps change your choice. Here is what it currently looks like:




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