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Take care - knifepoint mugging on Hermitage Road last night.

A tall white man, dark jacket, light hood underneath. Carrying a kitchen knife. Police informed.

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Do you know whereabouts on Hermitage road and at what time? Very scary. Hope whoever was mugged is OK?

Late evening, seems 11 ish. The location seems to be on the strip between finsbury park avenue and the bend at Omega Works/Crusader Est.

Getting very concerned . Too much happening on Hermitage Rd it's worrying me now used to feel so safe as such a busy road day and night but yesterday in the afternoon a woman was being assisted by policemen in a police car something else had gone on they were taking a statement :-(

Thanks for sharing these details. Had something through the letterbox recently about setting-up a Neighbourhood Watch. This incident may be a call to action.



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