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I've been walking past this small local hairdressers for many years, until last week, on a miserable, wet afternoon, I decided that a haircut, with wash and dry, could cheer me up.  I walked in with no appointment, and was pleasantly surprised.  Sylvia was friendly and welcoming, and turned out to be a very good hairdresser.  Her prices are extremely reasonable, and I've ended up with the best haircut I've had for a couple of years (comparisons include trendy hairdressers in Crouch End and Stoke Newington Church Street).  I recommend trying her, especially if, like me, you're trying to economise in these expensive times!  She's on the opposite side of Wightman Road to Moka Cafe, past the traffic lights and the garage, just before Umfreville Road, and oes women's and men's hair.    Susan

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I had one of the best haircuts of my life there. A while ago now but she won't have lost her touch.

I forgot to give the telephone number.  It's 020 8340 2626.  Susan

I followed your recommendation and had my hair cut yesterday. Sylvia did a good job and was very careful to check that she was doing it the way I wanted.

Thanks Susan, Drazub and Jane for reminding us of Sylvia's Haircare. When we lived on Umfreville Rd many years ago our late landlady, Maxie Mendonca, always went to Sylvia's. So I suggested her to my wife, Leila, when I read your post this morning. Leila was delighted with the haircut she had this afternoon and mentioned Susan's post on HOL.  I've just had a call from Sylvia and her grandson to ask about the notice on the site. Sylvia's is obviously the sort of local business we should all be supporting. Like Susan, Leila found her prices very reasonable and she'll definitely be going back, especially as we live nearby on Wightman Rd. Indeed, I'll bring my own skull along there for treatment in the next few weeks. After 35 years I lost my own barber when 'Chris of London' on GL closed earlier in the year and was replaced by yet another of these poncy places.

So, next time you're up at Moka or before you call for dinner at La Vina, or even if you can't afford to buy that fencing at Jewsons, pop over to Sylvia and see if she can fit you in.


Eddie, how was your skull treated?

Sylvia's would be closer to me than my regular.

I take a No.2 buzz cut; I hadn't thought of going into a Sheila's hairdresser for such a thing; maybe she'd frown on work that's like shearing a sheep ...

Another endorsement from me - just got back from Sylvia's (for the first time) and I'm very happy with my cut.  Will definitely be going back!

I used to go to Peppermint Green, but they became a bit costly, and my regular hairdresser who had trained at Tottenham College left.  I too happened to walk past that row of shops and did the same thing, popped my head round the door and asked Sylvia if she did men's cuts as well, and have been going for over 10 years.  She's great!

I found Sylvia to be really accommodating when I called quite late on Saturday about a trim. Not only did she fit me in but gave me a very good cut.She asked what I wanted initially and took it slowly, giving gentle advice but listening carefully too. You could see the back of your head too as there was a large mirror behind you, quite unusual. Definitely be going back.

how much does it cost a hair trim there does anyone know?

The rates are very reasonable. Sylvia is absolutely lovely and a really experienced hairdresser. However, she is closed for a few days. PM me for further info.

Do you know when she is open again?

And roughly how much for a cut & blow dry Thanks.

I too had a brilliant hair cut this March 2018. Everyone admired it.



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