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We are on a mission to get all the children of Harringay swimming. We usually accept children into our swim program when they start in reception but due to covid restrictions:- no Instructors in the water and soical distancing we had to abandon our beginner classes. Now after securing pool time at Chestnuts School we can safely accept younger beginners of reception age and have finally made space to accept older beginners at our venue at South Harringay School. Any advice / tips on how to spread the word  welcome as our old methods of flyers and posters seem slighly outdated. Thank you in advance x 

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My boys swim with Selkie and love their teachers and going to their lessons - I'd be very happy to spread the word on our parents' website (we use Classlist at Stroud Green) and other local school PTAs may well be happy to do something similar through whatever channels they use to communicate with parents.



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