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My seven year old son lacks any confidence in water, despite regular visits to swimming pools.

He recently started group swimming lessons and is really struggling as the rest of the group are much more capable, and his low self-esteem is becoming rapidly lower! (The group below him are all toddlers which wouldn't help the situation).

He really needs some one-to-one lessons with an instructor who is very patient! Does anybody know anyone who offers one-to-one swimming lessons who they could recommend?

Many thanks

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I would join just swim at south harringay school . It runs on a Saturday and Sunday . Is amazing, very small classes of no more than 3 swimmers to one instructor that only last 30 minutes. My son is an excellent swimmer as a result. My advice to you is go to the classes that are under subscribed so heel get more attention and feel less daunted.
I second that my son was exactly the same so timid in the water that he literally cried every time we went to lessons anywhere else then we met Andy from Just swim and he made my son laugh and feel confident after 3 lessons he no longer cried and he felt much safer and has never looked back. He is a great swimmer now. Make sure you tell Andy how nervous he is a heavies a huge effort to help them all the instructors lovely it's a very special swimming club
Good luck to him
Thanks very much Ben and Tina. Just swim sounds perfect - will give them a call.

Does he have a good pair of goggles? Having taught and coached extensively in the past, I always felt it crucial that they enjoy seeing underwater at the earliest opportunity. Initial apprehension and fear of stroke technique and development is often a product of fear of putting head/face under...

Were I not busy teaching music instruments, I would happily offer a little free help. Regards.

Thanks for that Marcus. Yes, we've tried various pairs of goggles but he still seems scared to put his head anywhere near the water. I know if he can get over that he'd probably be fine!!



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