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My doorbell rang on Wightman Road about 3:30pm on Wednesday and a man said, “You’ve got a swan in your back garden.” I said, “What?” He repeated himself. I thought he was a scammer trying to get into my house and rob me. He said, “I’ll go to the back. Meet me there.”

Sure enough there was a swan with blood on its wing stranded by my back fence. I immediately called the RSPCA to come and rescue it. On Thursday morning a man came to fetch it. I checked on it through the night and gave it water and some bread, it was the only thing I had. Poor thing. It should be OK.

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I love the 'swan bagging'! We once had a goose come down in the garden mistaking it for Finsbury Park - it was unharmed but couldn't get off the ground again in our small space. I think we managed to trap it in a large box and let it out in the park.

City life, eh!

Thanks for sharing. Hope the swan is okay. 

Was it making a noise in the early hours? Think it was about 3.00am I had been up with cramp and just got back in bed when I heard a strange animal noise. Glad that the RSPCA came and rescued it. 

Well done for your swift and responsible actions. Great video too. Thanks for sharing. 



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