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Suspected attempted burglary - Green Lanes/Burgoyne Road

Just thought it would be worth posting that I interrupted what was, at best, a very dodgy situation at my flat at the bottom of Burgoyne Road today.

We returned from the shop to find a man in the doorway to the yard, shouting to someone to "Come on, get down here." At this point, a second man came out of the door to the building, winked at me, and the two left - propping open the door with a plank of wood.

As we didn't recognise them and it seemed a bit odd, I went down to ask our neighbour if she had had any visitors (there's only one other occupied flat in the building). She hadn't, and had also found the situation suspicious.

We called the police, and I just thought I'd post on here to make people aware and remind people to report anything suspicious on 101. As there was no evidence these guys had actually committed an offence, all the police could do is take down the information as intelligence, so if there are similar reports it will help them to build a picture of anything untoward that is going on in the area.

It's such a shame that this sort of thing seems rife around here, it's otherwise a pretty lovely place!

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We had an attempted break-in last night about 1am, skinny guy knocks lightly on the ground floor window and my dad (who was watching TV at the time) jumped up and immediately looked outside and told him to clear off. This morning we found a metal coat hanger bent into a hook shape on the ground.

There also appears to be an abandoned car on the road, fairly new Volkswagen Polo (60reg) with its windows open fully, it's been like that for a week or so now (hasn't moved).

Does the safer neighbourhood team patrol the Gardens? It feels like these attempted break-ins are becoming more frequent (as similarly someone tried to pull the front door handle a month or two ago).

Was this reported to the police? When they came round here, they said that if there are enough reports of this sort of thing happening then they will put extra patrols on around the area, but they can't do that unless people report the incidents.



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