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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just been in there, they're nice! local too. It's a little Japanese supermarket too.

They've been open since Saturday and just got their sign up.

205b Philip Lane

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Ooh, a Japanese supermarket! Do you think they'll have that delicious umami spicy sprinkly stuff that goes on rice balls? No doubt it has a technical name but I don't know it.

Hi, I know the owner of this place, Naomi, who is a real Japanese person, unlike many sushi mongers, and is well-known for her fantabulous cuisine. As far as I know it's something new for Seven Sisters and another sign that we are coming up in the world.

Support your local sushi emporium people!

Isn't this the gentrification that everybody is so against ?

So you'd be happier if it was another crap chicken shop?

Irony doesn't really come across on line, does it ? Sorry.


Yes, really tragic....come on !?
Good luck to this sushi place..can't wait to give it a go

Oh my, Sushi is now to be classified Posh Nosh (gentrification) ... ??  As every LIDL sells it, it can't be that posh, can it?

I think somebody must be looking through his binoculars on the world from the wrong end as usual.

I guess it depends how far down the scale Mr Higson rates Seven Sisters -" another sign that we are coming up in the world."

A "first look" here.



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