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Support Haringey Tree Protectors and Lobby to Prioritise and Protect Mature Trees

Haringey Council are taking Haringey Tree Protectors to court because they are trying to defend a beautiful 120-year-old London plane tree against felling due to an insurance claim. The next court hearing is imminent, listed for 15.03.23 at Clerkenwell County Court. They urgently need your help to raise at least an additional £5,000 to see the legal process through.

In this case, they are not only defending the right to protest but also arguing for full transparency to ensure that trees are not felled by local councils unless there is credible, independent evidence (from a non-partial body) proving without doubt that the tree is wholly implicated and that no other option is available. This will move us one step closer to the recognition of a much-needed change in the law to defend our mature trees.

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Read with interest. Can you  post the location of this tree plesse



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