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I've not seen any publicity about initiatives to help South Africans. It looks truly frightening there. Are there any charities or relief organisations we can donate to?

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It is very strange that its not front page every day. 

Which South Africans need our help ? The rioters and looters ?

English, Afrikaaner and Asian businesses are being targeted. Without them all South Africans will go hungry and they'll end up like Zimbabwe.

These are exactly the types of immigrants we need to help grow our economy.

You are correct but I'd argue that South Africa needs them more than we do at the moment.

Hi Stav. I haven't seen anything in England but I noticed something in the Australian press about an organisation called Aussies for Saffas (or something like that). It might be worth looking into.

An excellent organisation called Gift of the Giver has been working in some of the worst affected areas in KZN and Gauteng, helping with food and other essentials.



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