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Cat with a purple lead. Quite skinning so i thought made he/she was lost.

currently on the corner of Woodlands Park and St ann's Road  

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Cat looks like an oriental breed or mix, so they are naturally quite skinny. Collar on too so probably owned. Cute cat though! 

By now probably it has found its way home but just in case: if it's collared it has a good chance of being microchipped. Taking it to a vet ought to lead to an owner.

I know this cat, they frequent my garden quite regularly and comes over for a quick stroke. I believe they reside at Avondale Road and their home backs on to my garden. They seem to use a window above an extension to enter and leave home and also regularly has a couple of friends waiting for them on the roof of the extension.

I'm sure they will be fine.

Back to just chilling out with friends

The cat lives on Avondale. It's well-loved and fed but likes to roam around a bit. Don't worry about calling the vets etc. It is famous on at least one of the Levels WhatsApp groups.

Good lesson, to know that a skinny cat, may well actually be a very well loved and cared for cat, whom is just very fussy, unless offered the cheapest or most expensive rubbish cat food 



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