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having a pre-move clearout.

 chelino baby car seat, rear facing, very lightweight. I got this off a freecycler who'd never used it, as an emergency spare adn I@ve not used it myself. it's clogging up the understairs cupboard.

also a Tomy sling, for carrying hte baby on your front - we've grown out of this as he weighs a ton

Finally a white ikea blind. it'ts the ngest length they do - 220cm?, and about 40" wide. we hahd to cut it down to fit our doorway. unable to refit it after getting the door double glazed, so it's up for grabs. otherwsie it'll become a large banner of some kind for the boy to draw on, or binned, or both, which seems rather a waste

We're at the north end of the ladder and available for pick up any night this week - PM me for location.

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any takers?



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