Harringay online

Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Sunday 8th November

10-2:30 Stroud Green School, Perth Rd / Ennis Rd N43HB

stations: FInsbury Park / Crouch Hill

bus stops Tollington Park / Finsbury Park

From the park or the parkland walk take the Oxford rd exit



Jiddler’s Tipple (very local brewery; small batches; not too strong but full of flavour)


Yorwarth's Fish (freshly caught/home smoked)


Real Cheese London (sustainably sourced British farmhouse cheeses)

Pie Station (meat/sweet pies, sausages rolls, quiches & crumbles)

Sara Nyborg's Danish Bakery (amazing variety of authentic rye bread, cinnamon buns, jams, granola)

The Chef and the Shoegirl (best jam, chutney and granola, made in Stroud Green)

The Parson’s Nose (free range pork, beef, lamb and chicken from Old House Farm)

Brambletye Farm (organic fruit, mushrooms, eggs, apple/pear juice and pickles)

Perry Court farm (Kentish fruit, veg & juice)

Bread by Bike (local sourdough)

A taste of the good life (raw & organic dairy produce, eggs)

Brevevita Wines (Natural & organic wine from the small producers of Marche & Abruzzo)

Kaffee Culture (hot coffee and freshly roasted bags of beans)

Marco’s Italian Cheeses & cured meat

Microfarm N15 (organically grown microgreens from our nearest urban farm)

Canary Food Lab (home made vegan pate & madeleines)

Pao Pickles (kimchi, kraut, sriracha etc etc)

Olea (organic olives from small farms across Europe)

Nourished Bites (with famous organic “sunhini” spread)

Luke’s Cider (proper craft cider and perry)

Shumei Natural Agriculture (organic produce from around the world)

Haringey & Islington Honey (the most local available)

The Meat Boss (authentic Biltong using sustainably sourced beef, cured in London)

Old Chapel Fudge Company (trad hand-made all-butter tablet)


Holy Pizza UK

Creperie Dellys

The Parson’s Nose (rare breed beef, wild boar & venison burgers)

Big Doggs Hotdogs

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So much for lockdown then

That's a nasty comment. You'd rather more independents go bust then because of the holy lockdown? 

I'd rather nobody went bust because of the "holy lockdown" and if people want to see their friends and have a chat whilst browsing nice foods then that's up to them.

I doubt it'll help hasten the end of restrictions though and that's the only thing that will save the economy as a whole.

If you've been to the market before then you'll know that they're very responsible and keeping everything in line with the government rules. Also, lockdown doesn't mean not eating or buying nice food. We don't all fancy 50p bread from Sainsburys or Yasar. 

its not a nasty comment. It's a comment on the complete inconsistencies of the current lockdown. Estate agents and schools open? Ludicrous! Allowed to jog with a friend but not play tennis with them? If you're going to have a proper lockdown then do so, but this half baked nonsense only prolongs the agony.

Then I suggest you write to the government or your local MP or whatever. Not rant at a small business trying to create a place for people to buy good food and farmers and independents trying to make a living in an already trying time. 



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