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In the last week, we’ve had a couple of street sleepers set up camp in our doorway. The first night I stumbled across them it scared the bejeezus out of me. Is there any local shelter that might help them?  Not sure whether Catholic Worker is still operating out of the church up on Mattison? Help!

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Catholic Worker is still there.  They have a small number of destitute sylum seekers living with them.  I'm not sure if they ever take in anyone in an emergency.  Shelter will be able to tell you what facilities if any there are in the area.

gYes, they accommodate destitute asylum seekers (waiting for a decision).

As far as I know they only take referrals from agencies. 

i second getting in touch with Shelter and Street Link. St Mungo may be also worth a try.

You could call Street Link, who will come out and try to help the following night: http://www.nosecondnightout.org.uk/help-a-rough-sleeper/

Don't use Street Link or St Mungo if they're migrants or refugees.  Both organisations give details to the Home Office so people can be detained & deported.

That's only true of St Mungo's not Street Link

Street Link is managed by St Mungos. 

Unfortunately there's a real lack of services in our borough, we don't really have anything comprehensive that people can access.  There are a couple of smaller projects - they all have limited capacity and opening though, and Highway House is very strongly Christian so can be off-putting for people who aren't: 




If people have no recourse to public funds there are very few options open to them now the emergency winter shelters are closed.  Haringey Migrant Support Centre are a good source of advice but are very very busy 


Surely that’s a good thing if the individuals in question shouldn’t be here on the first place?

'Shouldn't is very much a matter of perspective

No it's not.

There are clear, non-discretionary Immigration Rules that govern who can and can't enter and/or stay in the UK. There are taxpayer-funded agencies who deal with all breaches of the above who need to be informed in such cases. It's good to know that the above charities are compliant in that matter and I'll be sure they get informed if I ever come across someone in need of their help. 

Ah yes, rules. The rules are very well defined. The concept of 'should' and 'shouldn't' less so. But as you're clearly not a fan of subtleties or grey areas I will leave you to enjoy the warm righteousness of having a stamp on the fingers of the needy.

Can you help them take bus 67 and get to Crisis? They have induction at 11am 7 days a week and start working with people to sort out employment, benefits and accommodation. The address is:

Crisis Skylight London
66 Commercial Street
E1 6LT

Thank you HMSC. We didn’t see them yesterday or today. Could they go there if they miss the induction. Thanks everyone for the helpful advice



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