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Hello to Haringay community members.... I hope everyone had a good week? 

I am looking to interact with some comrades of the community in the hope of embarking on a social project, which will bring more fantastic work to the area. I have lived in Turnpike Lane for four years and after what was a short burst of pieces by the station but it would be great to expand this. I have for the past few years been interacting with artists helping to organise wall space in East London, while I worked for an art gallery. I would love to try and organise some spaces here in Haringay and feel this would be a good start in reaching out to the community.

I have watched street art spread from East London and find large new areas in places like Penge, Camden and Dulwich. In these projects the communities have been heavily involved with helping to supply wall spaces or by supplying unwanted house paint.  If anyone knows of any walls that are in need of some TLC or if anyone would like to help out then please let me know. I regularly am asked by great artists for spaces and it would be great if I could organise some paintings in the area I live.



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I take it you did not venture out to Lisson Gallery to see his work?

Also I would love to get a non sarcastic answer to what kind of art and artists that you do really like? 

Hi Ryan,
No sarcasm. Just enjoyment of Richard Wentworth's humour in turning litter into art. And also sending it up with some artyburble pretending (I assume) to "explain" it.  Sure, having playful fun laughing at litter doesn't solve the problem. But it's an alternative to scowling and crying.

What kind of art and artists do I really like?  Possibly a wider range than you might guess. But aren't we talking here about the places where artists want to show their work?  You mention galleries. One of the features of art objects/works/"pieces" in a gallery is that people can leave when they choose.

Another feature is that a gallery will change its stuff. So you can choose what to try and what to miss. Even for a vast art museum with a permanant collection there'll be different collections in different corners. You can drop in and make a beeline for your favourites. Or visit special exhibitions.

But if I paint images on the house across the street from you, viewing my work becomes compulsory day and night, every time you leave the house or glance out the window.

Of course rich corporations are allowed to plaster artwork on structures on the walls of buildings and nobody is supposed to question this or object. But there are, at least theoretically, some rules and restrictions.

Hi Ryan this sounds like a great idea. How about thinking big and tackling the green lanes railway bridge itself. It was supposed to be revamped as part of the high street improvements but just got some horrible new letters bolted on the front of the peeling paint. (does anyone know why this was?) I've seen a nicer example in Camden (picture two) though I'm sure you could go more creative still. Also reiterate the other comments about the ladders and gardens (eg Allison Road in picture three)

Hey Nick, 

That place on Allison Road looks like a fantastic spot! It would be great if the people who own the building are up for doing a friendly revamp

Hi Ryan
I would like to see the walls at the green Lanes end of Beresford road transformed. There is a two storey void on the wall of Beans And Barley Cafe /bar and the other side of the road there is a sad little panda that needs a friend (See pic)

How about transforming these walls with a tasteful mosaic of estate agent's adverts, like the lively informative signs on the frontage? I'm sure some estate agents would be happy to pay the property owner.
In fact, how about anyone with a "two storey void" maximising their income with another bright cheerful advertising hoarding like the one above the sad little panda? 

Compare as well, the amazingly colourful vibrancy of the cerise and white lettering of the shop on the left.
Which surely shows-up the rather severe minimalist black-white-grey decor of Beans & Barley. Perhaps their restrained understated look would benefit from a five storey advertising "canvas" erected with artwork showing pulses and vegetables. Or a beans-themed video visible through the windows.
Alternatively the wooden planter, may be a perfect spot for ads like the ones on roundabouts.

Yes let's

You started this morning?

I'm so envious as a non-creative that people have the skills and imagination to reconstruct the past in this way and are even repainting the "ghost signs". I particularly loved the Andy Warhol School silkscreening of the Steering & Suspension sign. Though I have to admit that I'm a bit iffy on the reproduction of the classic Paul Simon limited edition signed-signs.

I'm envious most of all of people whose mother tongue is Artspeak. So mysterious wonderful words like  'bricolage', 'piece' 'palimpsest', 'intervention' and 'provocation' - whatever they all mean - can drift up from the pavements and out of the cafe doors.
Well, at least until we are socially cleansed out of the area by the property developers. Though I expect the artists - having served their purpose - will be following later.

What about the pigeon shit and the dead pigeons? The guy should have been wearing a mask because Aspergillosus. ew!

Hello Sam,

Yes I know this spot well as I have noticed that Panda before, he looks in desperate need of some company. 

I photographed over 200 examples of street art in Valencia, Spain 2 years ago. There the work is truly art, most are done by professional illustrators, rather than by jar heads who just tag. If what is being proposed is art not tagging, then I think this could be a great project to do during the Crouch End Festival (June 9-18). It's the UK's biggest community arts festival and we are encouraging guerrilla and street artists this year. vichris@me.com



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