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Hello all,

In the last week I have seen what appears to be a stray or abandoned Yorkshire terrier dog on Tynemouth Road/Talbot Road N15.

I tried to call it over but it bolted, and although its difficult to judge (it has long hair), it seems to be on the skinny side.

Does anyone know who he might belong to or if anyone might be missing a pooch?  He seems fairly street wise so I have a feeling he has been roaming for a while.  Moved too quickly to get a pic unfortunately.


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Might just be a coincidence, but my friend rescued a small dog from certain death on the road this morning and took it to a friend who is looking after it. I am trying to get more info as I only got a text about it. Friend lives over by The Roundway/A10 but I don't know if this is where she found the dog, she said the dog might be a poodle, white and female.

Ah ok, thanks.  The one I saw looks very similar to this, so I think it may be two different dogs!

Yes must be 2 different dogs, I will start a new post about the one my pal found.

Well done for posting. Hopefully people in the area will try to look out for the dog and catch it or entice with food, otherwise it's at risk of getting injured by a car.

I've notified Stokey Cats and Dogs

It's worth registering it as a found dog on Dog Lost as you can do that even if sighted, but not caught.

Thanks Justine.  I'll notify Dog Lost now.



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