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Hi All 

I'm trying to get some info on storage and trying online is a bit tricky as they are all a bit opaque and trying to get hold of your personal contact details before giving prices. If anyone has advice on say, storage for contents of a two bed flat for example if be grateful

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We stored with Big Yellow in Enfield when we were having some work done and they were fairly easy to deal with.  I did have to put in details to get a quote but all that happened was that I got a call to follow up and they were pretty helpful and their cancellation terms were OK. Ive not been bombarded with spam from them. They offered deals for the first 8 weeks and then it got more expensive fairly quickly.  You need insurance so it's worth seeing if you can get that on your home contents cover and then getting it in writing or they'll sting you at check-in.  I also used Access Self storage in Hornsey and they were fine too, again cheap for 8 weeks or so and then went up.  Couldn't guess at prices as it was a few years ago.

Thanks for that...

I used Henfield Storage (Bermondsey/Southwark) for a long time and found them good.  They're inexpensive and clear in their pricing.

Recommendation for Highbury self storage. Very straightforward but they're not open all weekend.  A friend used to manage it but all staff I met were great.




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