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I'm looking to get rid of this pile of stones.  

If anyone wants them let me know otherwise I'll take them to the dump.


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What sort of size are they Billie, can't really judge from the photo. I might be interested, need to find some stones or paving for a path.
If that's York stone I suggest you sell the lot on eBay.
Doesn't look like York stone to me, looks like Indian sandstone? But am no expert!
They are mostly limestonesI think.
They are very uneven in size and odd shapes so might be more suited for a small wall or rockery. i will post a better picture tomorrow
I might be interested. Whereabouts are you?

Sorry for not replying the stones are still available.  I've added a couple of extra pictures.

Alison, Nez let me know if interested.






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